Getting My Beauty Rest: The Sleep Number It Bed


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I have never been what you would call a fussy sleeper.

Ask Ashley. In college I was known to fall asleep in the middle of parties. I sleep face down on my tray table during every flight. I even fell asleep in the middle of a Lenny Kravitz concert once. <<< This is not a joke. I can pretty much sleep anywhere. That being said, I am sure you can imagine that I’m not exactly particular when in comes to mattresses. No Princess and the Pea going on over here!!!

That was until… I got pregnant.

Ask any pregnant woman how she’s sleeping and I guarantee you will be met with groans, eye rolls, and general frustration. (From her and her partner). My husband was always saying that neither of us were sleeping anymore because — you guessed it —- misery loves company, and all my tossing and turning was keeping him up at night.

I am a firm believer that the more sleep you get, the healthier you are. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Who is with me? My husband and I usually try to get at least 8 hours a night, and William gets about 11 hours – plus a 2-3 hour nap during the day. Anyhow, when my sleep started getting interrupted (when I was around 6 months pregnant), we knew we needed a change. That was when we decided we’d try the the it™ bed by Sleep Number… and 100%, we’re never going back.

Why do I love love the it™ bed? Well there are a bunch of reasons. #1… It’s actually affordable. I know that these adjustable mattresses have the reputation of being ridiculously expensive, but that’s not exactly the truth. #2…. I love that my husband and I can have our own specific settings. I’m not a 200lb man… so why would I sleep like one? #3… I love the fact that it’s a smart mattress… the SleepIQ®app does everything for you and shows you SO much about your sleep cycle. #4… I love that I can change my firmness every night depending on how I’m feeling. Maybe it’s a day where everything in my body feels great and I can sleep on a less firm bed…. or maybe it’s a day where my hip goes out (pregnancy is SOOO fun) and then I can sleep on a firmer mattress. Last but not least.. #5 I love that you don’t have to sacrifice looks and design for a good night’s sleep. The mattress and base look no different once they’re on your bed than any other boxspring or mattress.

All in all…. I’m completely obsessed… and I know you will be too. So check out my favorite new mattress >>> here. You’ll be SO happy you did.

PS: *** I don’t expect my Sleep Number® setting to be 95 after this baby – but for right now – most nights, it’s what I need.





*** Thank you to the it™ bed for sponsoring this post, but all opinions expressed here are my own.


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5 thoughts on “Getting My Beauty Rest: The Sleep Number It Bed

  1. Oh my gosh, the struggle to get comfy when pregnant is crazy! We invested in a great mattress just before we got pregnant and it made a huge difference.

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