Busting a Huge Blogger Myth

blogger myth

There are so many blogger myths out there. Some of which entertain me more than others. Among my favorite of these myths are: blogging is easy, I want free stuff so I’m going to start a blog too, your job isn’t tiring…. the list goes on and on. But today, I am going to talk about the one that is the furthest from the truth; for me at least. And give you all the details about these Puma sneaks from DSW.

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Our friend Erica of Coming Up Roses highlighted it here in her post, “17 Things Bloggers are Tired of Hearing.” So many of those hit home for me, but instead of going on a rant, I am going to talk about the one blogger myth that you might not know about me. This is not true for all bloggers, and I can only speak for myself.

So here it is…

Blogging is so glamorous. 

Are there glamorous parts of our job? Sure. Do I look every day like I do on Instagram? Absolutely not.

The truth of the matter is — I’m usually in leggings (like these) and sneakers. It’s the way I’m most comfortable. It’s what I wear to work & it’s what I wear to the gym — these two places are where I spend the majority of my time.

I’m surprisingly a very casual person. I only wear makeup if I HAVE to, my hair is never clean and always in a bun. I hate high heels. If I’m wearing jeans, I take them off the SECOND that I can. A few weeks ago, I hosted an influencer dinner at Sweetgreen. Right before the event I texted Sarah (Sassy Red Lipstick) and asked her if I could wear leggings. She said no. I asked her if I could wear my hair in a bun. She said no. Then I tried to bargain with her and said, okay, what if I wear heels, then can I do a bun. She still said no, LOL.

So, while our lives may look glamorous on social media; that’s not always the case. Emily is entirely a different story — she really is always that put together. And I will never understand how she has the energy. But me? Give me leggings all day.

These new Puma sneakers from DSW are so comfy & perfect for my every day wear. I am wearing them with activewear here, but they look great with jeans and leather jacket too! They are under $7o and meet both my shoe non negotiables: comfortable, and versatile.

blogger myth

blogger myth

blogger myth

blogger myth

blogger myth

blogger myth





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6 thoughts on “Busting a Huge Blogger Myth

  1. So glad you shared this! I couldn’t of have put it better myself. I am not always put together– most of my time is spent in leggings in front of the computer working on my blog…. so not glamorous !

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