A Classic Beauty

 This time of year, everyone starts talking about purchasing “transitional pieces”. Pieces that can take you from one season to another, seamlessly, and without having to do a complete overhaul of your closet. While I agree, it is always nice to have a handful of these “transitional pieces” on hand, I think that trying to build a closet of “classic beauties” is much more practical.

I love College

I don’t know if all of you know this, but Emily & I went to college together at Santa Clara University. We were so inseparable in high school, that we went away together when that was over because we couldn’t stand to be apart. I don’t know why we don’t talk about it more here on the blog because we have some pretty hilarious memories together. We both had Paris Hilton plastered all over our dorm room walls, stormed around campus in our Juicy Suits, and spent many nights sharing a twin bed because, like I said, we hated to separate.

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Cut It Out

Confession time: I have an addictive personality. Like, really addictive. In seventh grade my entire life was dedicated to A.J. McLean and The Backstreet Boys- I lived, breathed and dreamed all things BSB. Then sophomore year, it was Bebe. I’m not joking you when I say my entire closet was Bebe- I probably had 30 or more variations of those rhinestone tanks. And then came Juicy Couture- which led most of my friends from college to call me “Juice.” I wore that and nothing but that for my entire time at Santa Clara University. Twelve years later, I can’t shake the nickname and some of my nearest and dearest still call me that. So by now you get the drift- when I like something I really really like it. I have taken the liberty of sparing you the details of my panda obsession, Paris Hilton, menthol cigarettes, Tom Ford, and pretending I was a witch. But all of these embarrassing stories bring me to this grey sweater.

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