How to Break out of a Negativity Rut

How to Break out of a Negativity Rut

Negativity. It’s the thing I hate the most about myself. I finally opened up about my struggles with anxiety in this Instagram post last week. I didn’t plan on sharing it, I wanted to skip that morning’s post all together actually. But when I was laying in bed unable to sleep, I just started writing, and it all kind of came out. The outpouring of kind messages and texts was so overwhelming. Anxiety is such a common thing people struggle with yet it seems so taboo to talk about. For me, anxiety and negativity go hand in hand.

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Life Lately – With Emily


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William is turning two this weekend. Oh. My. Lord. And then… I turn 30…

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How To Get Beach Body Ready in 5 Days

beach body

Today I am going to be giving away some major secrets about how to get your “beach body” ready in 5 days! That sounds impossible, right? Well, these secrets are in fact not secrets at all, but the methods that work for me! Disclaimer: I want to maintain my stance on body positivity and typically hate the word “beach body” and all the pressure that comes with it — but there are small things we can do to be more healthy,  & to help us look and feel more beautiful!


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Buy This Entire Outfit For Under $100


Outfit Under $100

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Major SALE alert! You can get this entire outfit for under $100! All 5 items. I’m not even joking! So RUN, don’t walk over to Old Navy and use code “SPRING” at checkout!

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