4th of July Sales 2020

All the best 4th of July Sales are here.. YAY! Below, we have rounded up all the best deals and our top items from our favorite retailers! Complete with the coupon code you need for each website! We will be updating this post throughout the weekend also check out Emily’s famous 4th of July cake HERE.   AND check out some of our favorite summer recipes: herehere and here! Read More

How Garmin Keeps Me Healthy and Stress-Free as a New Mom

How Garmin Keeps Me Healthy and Stress-Free as a New Mom

I never thought I would depend on a smartwatch to manage my health and stress, but once Garmin came into our lives last year, I realized how much I had been missing out on! We’re all used to hearing about Apple and FitBit, but the vivomove series from Garmin has something neither of those do: the looks!

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Best Summer Books 2020

I am a summer reading junkie! Like, big time. Always have been. Just last week, we were laughing about how we read the entire Twilight series in less than a week while laying in the pool. Now, we hide in the shade, but I am still obsessed with reading all of the things! There are some amazing books that came out this year - a lot I have read already, some aren't out yet, and some I have purchased and are waiting for me in my queue. Let me know if you read any and how you like them! Read More