Emily’s 2018 Amazon Gift Guide

Alright, everyone. It is officially December 18th - which means Christmas is just ONE short week away. That being said, I know that not all of you are done with your Christmas shopping. Heck... I am hardy done with my Christmas shopping. I (Emily) realized last night that I had ordered half of my husband's gifts in the wrong size. So THAT'S FUN :/ Anyhow, if you still have some holiday shopping to do... here is my 2018 Amazon Gift Guide. Read More

Beauty Gift Guide 2018

It's definitely not too late to shop -- take it from us because we are still shopping! This gift guide is one of our favorites of the year -- we thought so carefully about what to put on here. We chose all of our favorite products & chose a few of the best value sets. These are items we love and swear by. No matter who you are shopping for there is something for everyone on your list. The prices start at just $14 so there are some great stocking stuffer items on here as well. And if you missed any of our gift guides, you can check them all out right here. To shop, simply click on any item in the collage, or keep scrolling down to the text link. Read More

The Best Fluffy Sugar Cookie Recipe

This is my favorite fluffy sugar cookie recipe of life! We make them for most holidays, and I just can't get enough... today will be my third time making them this holiday season. This recipe makes super soft, buttery, and fluffy sugar cookies... so buttery that they almost taste like shortbread. MMMmmmm. THEY ARE SOOO AMAZING!!!

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24 Hours at Hotel Yountville

Last week, my girls and I hit the road and headed for wine country. It was such a necessary escape, as we are all in the same industry and had been crazy busy with cyber week and holiday shoots! We wanted a little getaway but didn't want to go too far, as we wanted the trip to be stress-free. Yountville is a short hour drive away from San Francisco, and Hotel Yountville was kind enough to host us for the night. I'm wishing I could go back there right now -- instead, I am trying to finish up all my Christmas shopping. If you're a procrastinator like me, then check out our gift guides here.

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