All In by Teddi: One Month Results


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As you guys all know, I have been on my post-partum weight loss journey for a month now! I definitely gave myself some time after Joe was born, and wasn't stressing it too much but then quarantine happened. I was just eating out of comfort and boredom. I had a sweet tooth all of a sudden (a lot of you said that happens during breastfeeding), and I couldn't stop eating mac & cheese. I was out of control - I wasn't gaining necessarily, but I definitely wasn't losing! I was already about 15 pounds heavier than I wanted to be when I got pregnant - so this is going to be a journey.  Four weeks in and I am down 16 lbs!!!! I am giving myself until January of next year to get to where I want to be - and I 100% plan on staying on the All In by Teddi program until then - it's super sustainable and supportive. Read More

The Pregnancy Symptom I Wasn’t Expecting


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Now that I am at the light at the end of the tunnel, aka a MOM (I still can't believe it), I am reflecting on my pregnancy and the roller coaster that it was. You guys were there with me through it all, and I am so grateful for that! A lot of you were right - that I would forget it all as soon as I met my baby - and that is so true for the most part! Almost immediately after delivery, all of my pregnancy pains went away, a few new ones popped up (hello PUPPP rash - ugh), but the one I want to talk to you about today is dandruff. This pesky symptom seemed to stick around, but I am sharing the new product that is helping me combat it post-pregnancy: RE-fresh Scalp Care available at and Online Grocery pickup (it's a dandruff & dry scalp treatment system that uses 2% salicylic acid (in the shampoo and conditioner) to combat those annoying symptoms)! Read More

Ashley’s April Best Sellers

Who knew a month in quarantine would go by so fast? But it did! It was definitely a tough time, but we all got through it. We tried to see the positive in it - which was spending time with baby Joe. I was with my mom and husband for a month straight. And surprisingly enough, we all still like each other. I hope you are all hanging in there and staying healthy! So excited to share my April best sellers with you, there are some good ones! Read More

Books I Read This Year 2020

My goal every single year is to read 100 books - I have never ever hit that goal. The closest I have ever come is 83. Last year was probably my worst showing of all time -- I was, after all, getting married and growing a baby. My energy just wasn't there and I couldn't focus. So this year my ONLY "resolution" is to get back into it. I figure I have a lot of ample opportunity to catch up on my reading when I'm up late at night feeding the baby. And in order to keep track of how many I read - I am going to update this post every month with the books I read this year - and hopefully, by December, it will add up to 100! Check out the Best Books for a New You>>> HERE.

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My Favorite Graphic Band Tees

  Sadly, this exact tee is not still in stock - but here is this years! I saw this Fleetwood Mac tee on Revolve, and knew I had to have it! In this post, I shared that Stevie Nicks was my spirit animal - and I have been obsessed with Fleetwood Mac for as long as I can remember.

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