Ashley’s January Vici Try On

We are so stoked that you guys love Vici as much as we do! If you missed Emily's try on post, you can see it here. Since I am headed to Hawaii, I ordered a few dresses. This try on is a good blend of dressy and casual! If any of these items are sold out, you can sign up to be notified when they're back in stock, or just search the name to see the item in other colors. These sell out fast -- so get to shoppin! Read More

Facial Massage 101: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have been watching my stories for the last two years, you know that I am obsessed with all things facial massage. I tend to be extra sensitive when it comes to all the things that make you swell and bloat: travel, salt, alcohol, allergies, you name it -- it puffs me up. I already have a very round face. So I hold on to ALL fluid. I honestly had no clue you could solve this problem at home, and since I have learned how to do it, it has changed my life. There are so many different tools you can use to do facial massage (also called facial manipulation or lymphatic drainage). And I get asked which one I prefer, so today I am going to break down each tool, discuss the differences. And choose my favorite, once and for all.

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January Goals: No Resolutions

Today we are talking January Goals. Some of you asked me to do a post on New Year's Resolutions. So I went back to my post last year -- which was a bucket list instead of resolutions (because I never keep them), and realized I failed at every single one. Oops. So this year I am trying to be a little bit more realistic with myself. I believe people can change so much in a year, so I wanted to set monthly goals instead. And I want to make them achievable. So here they are...

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2018 Best Sellers

Ashley Zeal from Two Peas in a Prada shares a Hawaii Try-On Session featuring all her favorite resort wear: swimsuits, cover-ups, dresses and sandals. Instead of our usual top ten monthly sellers, I thought it would be fun to do the top TWENTY sellers of the year! It's such crazy timing because this swimsuit I took to Kona was our number one seller, and I am headed back there in just two weeks! A lot of you requested packing guides, and vacation style on our reader survey last week -- so don't worry those things are coming soon. But for now, here our are 2018 Best Sellers!  

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