Bath Time with Baby Joe

Thank you so much to Walmart Baby for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. Something that I had huge anxiety about, has quickly become one of my favorite activities to do with Baby Joe. As most of you know, I suffer from anxiety pretty bad. And becoming a mom has changed me so much already, I am more calm, grounded and patient. I don't have anxiety over big things as much anymore. But I did have anxiety about a few "firsts" - baby's first bath, leaving the house alone with him for the first time, first diaper change in public, first time taking the car seat off the stroller etc. Luckily sweet boy takes after mama and loves bath time. Today I am going to share all of our favorite bath products! Read More

Martha Stewart Baby Photo Books

It takes a lot for a gift to make me cry - but when I opened this Martha Stewart baby book from Mixbook, I couldn't help it. And no, it's not just the hormones because Emily and my mom cried too. Please believe me when I say this is the most beautiful keepsake I have ever seen and I will treasure it forever. I knew it was going to be cute, but when it came I was blown away by the quality. I look at it every single day (and still cry). Keep reading for my special 50% off code! Read More

Activewear Try On Session

This week marks six weeks since giving birth, and that means I should be able to work out again soon! Fingers crossed... I am going to take it super slow and listen to my body, but I am so excited!  I will find out for sure on Tuesday. I am slowly starting to feel more and more like myself - so I decided to pick up some new activewear to get me back into my routine. There is nothing like cute new pieces to get your motivation going!

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Most Used Baby Products: One Month Update

It's been one month since this little nugget was born and I wanted to update you guys on the products we've been using the most. The goal is for this list to be super helpful for a first time mom because I had no clue what I would need or use! Here are all the items we were thankful we had the first month at home with a newborn. I also got some requests for items we didn't use so I will list those out at the end! Read More

Ashley’s Amazon Favorites February 2020

I cannot believe it is already March - I also can't believe I say that every single month, haha. ButI'm super excited to share my Amazon Favorites February 2020 - I tried to not include any baby products because I ordered so dang many from Amazon last month, that it's going to be its own post - but you have to promise not to judge me because it is unwell. I found some pretty good stuff this month- and it's definitely a good balance between fashion, beauty and home stuff! For all of my book recs,  check out THIS post.

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