Ashley’s January Best Sellers 2020

January was definitely a different month for us since we focused so much on other things like personal development, financial freedom, and healthy habits. But we still shared some amazing products, too! We are feeling great about how we started off the year, and are so happy you are on this journey with us! Here are the best of the best products that you guys bought in January....

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Meet Baby Joe

He’s here!!!! Joseph James Hurd was born early this morning at 3:38am. He was 7lbs 14oz and 21.5 inches long. Everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying these first blissful moments. We love this sweet boy so much already! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and well wishes. We felt them, and appreciated every single one. We can’t wait to share more later, but for now we are soaking in every second and loving every snuggle we can get. xx Ash, Joe, and Baby Joe

Books I Read This Year 2020

My goal every single year is to read 100 books - I have never ever hit that goal. The closest I have ever come is 83. Last year was probably my worst showing of all time -- I was, after all, getting married and growing a baby. My energy just wasn't there and I couldn't focus. So this year my ONLY "resolution" is to get back into it. I figure I have a lot of ample opportunity to catch up on my reading when I'm up late at night feeding the baby. And in order to keep track of how many I read - I am going to update this post every month with the books I read this year - and hopefully, by December, it will add up to 100! Check out the Best Books for a New You>>> HERE.

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Ashley’s Hospital Bags

It's finally here - Ashley's hospital bags post! I am so excited to finally be sharing this because so many of you asked me to share the suggestions when I asked you guys for your help in packing them! It took me forever to get them together, and I really wanted to make sure I wasn't bringing too much - jury's out on that one, lol. But I went through item by item what is actually in my bag. I will definitely update you guys as to what I actually used after! Read More

What to Wear for Maternity Photos

One of the best tips my girlfriend, Hillary, gave me was to take maternity photos. I vehemently opposed -- my entire pregnancy had already been documented and shooting takes everything out of me these days. But after seeing these photos I am so happy that I will have these sweet memories to look back on.

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