Emily’s May 2019 Bestsellers

You all love when we do these posts - I don't know if you just like seeing what everyone else is buying... or if it is a good reminder of the things that you need to buy from the month. :) But whatever the reason... we keep hearing that you love these posts! So here you go! Emily's May 2019 Bestsellers! Read More

Emily’s Modern Home Build Update

If you follow us on instagram, you know that Joe and I are in the process of taking over a major modern home build project. I haven't put anything formally on the blog about it yet, because to be entirely honest, the project wasn't actually "ours" until this week. Technically it isn't "ours" until we close on the house in September, but that's semantics. As of this week, all the right contracts are in place... and as far as everyone involved is concerned - the house is ours. Read More

DIY: Easy Boxwood Photo Wall

The second I made this easy boxwood photo wall on our stories.... the questions came rolling in! It was so simple and easy - I want everyone to be able to make one! So in this post - there are step by step instructions, and I'm answering all of your questions about the process. From how much it costs, to how we did it, to everything we ordered! Read More

Emily’s Memorial Day Weekend Sales Try On & Favorites

|| Sweater || Shorts || Shoes || Mirror || Bed || Rug ||

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Friday night. I was quite sick last night. It seems that whatever Joe had this week, moved its way on over to me. :/ While I'm feeling a little  bit better today, I still am not myself 100%. That being said, I'll be at home today, shopping the Memorial Day sales from bed and trying to keep the kids entertained this holiday weekend with lots of board games and activities! Read More