Emily’s At Home Quarantine Beauty Routine

|| Cardigan - use the code TWOPEAS20 for 20% off || Tank Top || Pants (similar) || Shoes || 

So here's the deal... I'm not using all of these products every day right now. My routine right now is this... I am trying to let my skin breathe 3 days, and then I'll do a full face on the 4th day just to feel normal again. :) However, I get so many questions about the products I use - beauty and skincare alike - that I figured, why not put it all in one place?  That being said, all of the items listed in this post are my tried and true favorites right now. You probably have seen me using them over and over again. But you know me, once I find something that works, I very rarely deviate! Read More

Emily’s February 2020 Bestsellers

Happy March, Everyone! January seemed like it just dragged on forever, and then February FLEW. Who knows what March has in store. We are headed to San Diego this week with Joe's mom and Stepdad for a family vacation with the kiddos. We have lots of beach time and maybe some Lego Land in our future! That being said... I will be packing for most of today. I will be going over these bestsellers on stories, so head on over to instagram to watch. Also don't forget the Shopbop sale going on now! It is one of our favorite sales of the whole years! Read More

The Beauty Product You’re Probably Missing – Tatcha Neck Cream

|| Tatcha Bundle ||

You can always tell a woman's age by looking at her neck. But when I took a sampling of my closest friends earlier this month, I was actually in shock that 90% of my friends didn't regularly use a neck cream. Here's the deal... as women we spend ridiculous amounts of money on our faces. From makeup, to injectables, to skincare - the numbers are absurd. So why.... please tell me why.... would you neglect the area of your skin that is THE MOST LIKELY to give away your age??? Don't worry... I've got the fix. Read More

How We Keep Our Marriage Strong

Joe and I have been married for six and a half years now. I love my husband more than life itself. One of the questions we always get asked - in person, and via instagram stories - is how we keep our marriage strong. It seems as if people always want to know the secret sauce to a healthy relationship and a healthy marriage. With Valentine's Day - the holiday of love - coming up, I thought now would be the perfect time to write this post. Thankfully, when I sat down to write it, the words came flowing out of me easily. That's always how it goes when a post is meant to be. :) I also consulted with Joe on this post and it was really interesting to see the differences in our answers. So here it is... how we keep our marriage strong. Read More