10 Bible Verses To Calm Worry, Fear and Anxiety

Hello, Everyone.  When I open our instagram every day, there is a lot of anger. Last week, our DMs were filled with so much hate. Despite this, I very much believe that love will overcome. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the good of humanity. I believe in meaningful change. And I very much believe that only Christ can bring us through this, stronger than ever. Read More

Emily’s CBD Daily Dosing Schedule

I started taking CBD in March to help with my anxiety throughout the day, and I cannot explain what a GODSEND it has been for me. One of the most common questions I get about CBD is: how to take CBD, and how often? That being said, I figured I would detail my daily dosing schedule here for everyone, and explain why I love the products SO much. Plus - I am always getting asked if CBD will make you "high". Answering that in this post as well! Read More

Emily’s March 2020 Bestsellers

Is it just me, or was March the LONGEST month of our entire lives? It definitely was mine. In the beginning of March, we thought this whole Coronavirus thing was going to be bad - but we didn't know how bad. By the middle of March, we were self quarantining, my cousin had cancelled her wedding, and it seemed as if there was no end in sight. Now that we're in the beginning of April - I have more hope. I feel less bad than I did in those mid weeks of March. I know we will all emerge from this stronger and better. Read More