Ashley’s March 2020 Amazon Favorites

My Amazon favorites sure look a little bit different this month. Here are all the things that have been saving me during the quarantine - beauty help, working from home items & some books to keep me sane.

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Emily’s March 2020 Bestsellers

Is it just me, or was March the LONGEST month of our entire lives? It definitely was mine. In the beginning of March, we thought this whole Coronavirus thing was going to be bad - but we didn't know how bad. By the middle of March, we were self quarantining, my cousin had cancelled her wedding, and it seemed as if there was no end in sight. Now that we're in the beginning of April - I have more hope. I feel less bad than I did in those mid weeks of March. I know we will all emerge from this stronger and better. Read More

Our Favorite At Home Skincare Tools

Ash and I have ALWAYS loved at home skincare tools. Even in high school we were obsessed with everything having to do with skin. Fast forward to now... we're still at home skincare tool afficionados. From the GloPro, to the heel scraper, to our cult favorite high frequency machine, we're always testing and demoing these items for you. That being said, as much as we love at home beauty tools, I don't think either of us ever thought we'd be stuck at home for months - with ONLY our favorite at home skincare tools.  Now, more than ever, these tools are SO important! These are our ride or die favorite skincare tools. They all do something different and we love them all for different reasons. Enjoy!!! Read More

The Easiest Easter Basket – Social Distancing Friendly

Obviously with everything going on in the world, Easter is going to be a little different this year. No church, no extended family, no Easter brunch out with friends. It's just going to be different.  Initially, it made me sad. However... when I actually got to thinking about it... nothing about Easter itself is changing. We're still celebrating Jesus, we're still with the people we love most, and our kids will still know the meaning of the day. Read More