My Skincare Obsession – Tatcha Brighten and Hydrate 3 Piece Set

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As many of you know, earlier this year I dealt with horrible adult acne as a reaction to my IUD. It was horrible. I would look at other women on Instagram doing makeup tutorials and I would wonder to myself if I would every be able to use a bronzer or blush brush without an open wound on my face. I talked about it a ton on Instagram stories and it was just a pretty crappy time in my life. Superficial yes... but crappy nonetheless. I had never dealt with skin issues in the past, so this kind of rocked my world. I was always the girl who could sleep with her makeup on - and not have any kind of serious repercussions. Not any more. I needed amazing and consistent skincare and I needed it fast - thank goodness I found Tatcha. Read More

Our Favorite Skincare Tools

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I don't know how Ash and I have become such skincare tool aficionados - but we are HERE. FOR. IT. We LOVE everything skincare. In fact - putting it out to the universe - we would LOVE to one day formulate our very own beauty tool - but that is for another day. For right now... these are our ride or die favorite skincare tools. They all do something different and we love them all for different things. Read More

How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

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In my opinion - less is always more. Especially when it comes to hair tools. I have always been of the opinion that the less I have to use, the better. When I want to do my hair fast and furiously... and when I need it to look 100 in less than 15 minutes this is what I use. My T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer - which IS ON MEGA SALE RIGHT NOW - and my T3 singlepass straightener. These tools are my favorites and always what I reach for. Read More

Sephora Shopping Event

We are so excited that the huge Sephora Shopping Event is finally here! We love this sale for a few reasons: first, you can stock up on all your favorites, and second, you can finally buy those items you’ve been wanting to try at a discounted price. We have broken it down into a few categories to make shopping easier. There are a ton of our holy grail products as part of the sale, as well as some brands and items that are newer favorites for us. Here are the details:
  •  Rouge level access, 20% off with code SUMMERSAVE - August 19th
  •  VIB level access, 15% off with code SUMMERSAVE- August 20th

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