The New Colleen Rothschild Glycolic Peel Pads

Thank you so much to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own. Hello Everyone! SO many exciting things going on this week at Two Peas in a Prada. As many of you know, Ashley's baby is due within the next 2-3 weeks! So excited for that. Joe and I (Emily) have some pretty awesome trips coming up in the next couple of weeks - SO exciting. AND... there are some amazing things on the horizon for this community this year. Think --- rebrand, new site, LOTS of big goals. The best part is seeing it all come together. OK... now that we've had our weekly check in, let's get straight to the point. Let's talk about the new Colleen Rothschild Glycolic Peel Pads!!! GAHHH!!!!! Read More

Ashley’s Makeup Brushes

Today I am going to get very specific about what makeup brushes I use for what. Even breaking down for what I use for different brands, and each individual product (I have three powder foundations that I put on with three different brushes, for example). A few of these are newer in the rotation, but most of these I have been using for YEARS. I will try to go in order of how I put my makeup on! For a post all about how I clean my makeup brushes, click HERE. Read More

Emily’s Most Used Products Of 2019

|| Glo Pro || Knit Set || Spanx || Coverlet ||

I cannot believe this year is almost over. It has been such a huge year for all of us. For me, it was a year of massive change. I left my job, we moved, and I dove head first into blogging full time. SO much has happened in this past year, and I want to say THANK YOU for being here for all of it. When Ashley and I were deciding how to round out the year, we thought it would be fun to look at what we use most. Obviously we are always showing our lives and sharing out secrets... but we wanted to share the tried and true items that we use most. Ashley shared hers yesterday... so here are my Most Used Products Of 2019. Read More

Gifts For The Beauty Enthusiast

|| Shop The Fresh Set ||

As many of you know - we have written about the Fresh line extensively. From the Creme Ancienne to the Black Tea Line - to their perfumes, the whole line is just incredible. It is thoughtfully made. Every ingredient is the best of the best. Read More