Ten Things I’m Loving in January

I am a girl who loves lists. To do lists. "Listicles."  etc. So I thought I would share a list of ten things I'm loving in January! If you guys like this, I might make it a monthly thing!

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Facial Massage 101: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have been watching my stories for the last two years, you know that I am obsessed with all things facial massage. I tend to be extra sensitive when it comes to all the things that make you swell and bloat: travel, salt, alcohol, allergies, you name it -- it puffs me up. I already have a very round face. So I hold on to ALL fluid. I honestly had no clue you could solve this problem at home, and since I have learned how to do it, it has changed my life. There are so many different tools you can use to do facial massage (also called facial manipulation or lymphatic drainage). And I get asked which one I prefer, so today I am going to break down each tool, discuss the differences. And choose my favorite, once and for all.

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Beauty Gift Guide 2018

It's definitely not too late to shop -- take it from us because we are still shopping! This gift guide is one of our favorites of the year -- we thought so carefully about what to put on here. We chose all of our favorite products & chose a few of the best value sets. These are items we love and swear by. No matter who you are shopping for there is something for everyone on your list. The prices start at just $14 so there are some great stocking stuffer items on here as well. And if you missed any of our gift guides, you can check them all out right here. To shop, simply click on any item in the collage, or keep scrolling down to the text link. Read More

Kybella Results at SkinSpirit: Before and After

This post is long long overdue. But I wanted to make sure I got to experience the FULL results before I shared my experience with you. I get SO many DMs about my Kybella treatments - and you all have been so supportive along the way. So let's get into it! Thank you SO much to SkinSpirit Palo Alto for truly changing my life (and my face), my confidence level is so much higher now, and I am eternally grateful! Read More