Sephora Sale 2019

We are so excited that the huge Sephora Sale 2019 is finally here! We love this sale for a few reasons: first, you can stock up on all your favorites, and second, you can finally buy those items you've been wanting to try at a discounted price. We have broken it down into a few categories to make shopping easier. There are a ton of our holy grail products as part of the sale, as well as some brands and items that are newer favorites for us. Use code: HEYROUGE for 20% off! HEYVIB or HEYINSIDER for 15% off depending on your status!

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Our Travel Skincare Routine

Thank you, Colleen Rothschild, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own.

We are so excited to be sharing our travel skincare routine with you guys. It's such a highly requested post, and it's long overdue. Emily and I are both huge fans of Colleen Rothschild, but how we came to discover the brand is totally different for each of us. Ashley got to try Colleen for the first time at the Reward Style Conference two years ago, fitting because that's where we are shooting this post -- talk about full circle! And Emily was referred to the brand by a dear friend who swore by the cleansing balm. Keep reading to find out which products we packed for our trip! For reference: we are those crazy skin people who bring their entire routine with them (I'm talking a whole suitcase just for beauty), but it works for us! They are having an amazing sale right now, keep reading for details! Read More

My Wedding Skincare Plan with SkinSpirit

Well, we officially reached the 90 days until our wedding mark! So many things to do -- but with the stress came some skin struggles. Getting off the pill sure didn't help! So I entrusted my friends at SkinSpirit Palo alto to help me get my skin wedding ready. My goal is to have glowing skin by the time April 25th comes around. I went to see Jockleen for a facial, peel and microdermabrasion (check out my stories for full details)! And today, we are answering all of your skin questions! See my previous SkinSpirit posts here and here. Read More

Shaving Your Lips – Why You Should Do It

So I am pretty much writing this post on complete accident. A friend had given me a dermaplaning razor years ago, but I had never touched it until Ashley hopped on stories a couple of weeks ago to say that everyone should be "shaving their face". 1.) How had she and I never talked about this? We literally talk about everything. And 2.) You better believe I headed to the bathroom that instant to dig up the dermaplaning razor and get to work. Read More

Ten Things I’m Loving in January

I am a girl who loves lists. To do lists. "Listicles."  etc. So I thought I would share a list of ten things I'm loving in January! If you guys like this, I might make it a monthly thing!

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