Valentines Day Sugar Cookies

This is my favorite recipe for fluffy Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies! We make these sugar cookies for most holidays, and I just can't get enough! This recipe makes super soft, buttery, and fluffy sugar cookies... so buttery that they almost taste like shortbread. MMMmmmm. THEY ARE SOOO AMAZING!!!

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Sausage Balls Recipe

Call me immature, but the name Sausage Balls just makes me giggle every time I say or type it. I shared this on stories briefly last week, but I got so many requests to post the recipe on the blog so here we are. I normally leave all of the recipes, cooking, and entertaining posts to Emily, but it's about time I try some myself. It's going to take some time to learn how to make my pictures look pretty, so be patient with me on that front! I didn't know so many people would ask for this - so the photos were never meant for anywhere other than stories! Read More