Emily’s QVC Gift Guide 2019 – Something For Everyone!

As you all know I am OBSESSED with QVC. I don't know why it took me so long to hop on the QVC train, but I AM SO THANKFUL I did. I truly believe I want all of our readers to have the chance to have THE best of the best when it comes to the products in their lives. I LOVE that QVC provides everyone that chance. Their interest free Easy Pay option is such an amazing way to invest in items that you might not want to purchase all in one go. I love that you can get the best of the best right now and pay it off over 6 months - with no interest at all. Read More

How To Dress For Holiday Family Photos

|| Hat || Coat  (Use the code PRADA15 for 15% off) || Sweater || Jeans || Boots ||

I wrote a post on this exact topic last year, but I felt like it definitely needed some updating. If you could see our DMs, you would know that this time of year - EVERY YEAR - strikes fear in the heart of every mom in the world. What to wear for family photos? I hate that. I hate it SO much. I hate that SO many women feel this pressure! Holiday cards are supposed to be fun! They're supposed to make everyone happy! Like I said last year, my main thing with holiday cards is to BE YOURSELF. Do what is authentic and true to your family. Heck, last year our holiday cards went out with photos of David hysterically crying on the front. Because you know what? That is what really happened! He LOST IT in the middle of the shoot. That is David, and that is our family. You can see the whole thing >>> here. Anyhow... this year, I'm not sure what we're doing. Between the move, my chemical peel, and life... we'll get to our holiday card photos when we get to them. But to ease the minds of all the mommas in our DMs wondering what to wear for their family photos... here are my best outfit ideas for holiday family photos. Read More

Emily’s Easy Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole – Perfect For The Holidays

It is officially ALMOST CHRISTMAS! Woohoo! I made this easy make ahead breakfast casserole for our  family at Thanksgiving and got so many questions about it,  that I had to share it on here. It is THE easiest make ahead breakfast for a crowd. It takes 15 minutes to assemble and then and hour to bake. I love that it is hearty, delicious, and quick to throw together. I also love that it is completely customizable.

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