Pregnancy Update, Week 23: Nesting

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Hellooo Everyone! As you may know from instastories - I have been nesting like crazy. Or maybe what I've been doing is the opposite of nesting - I'm not entirely sure. Read More

The Perfect Holiday Meal – with Farmer John LA

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The holidays can seem like a never ending circle of parties, eating out, hosting, and bopping around from one cocktail party to the next. Don't get me wrong, I love every single minute of it. But when it comes time to actually hosting Christmas Dinner, Joe and I are always running on fumes. The - night before - last minute - present assembly doesn't help anyone either .... but, hey, it is what it is. Read More

My Top 5 Tips for Working from Home

I briefly touched on my struggles with working from home in this post. Since then, I have had two full weeks to adapt to this working from home life. While two weeks may not seem like a long time, I have finally gotten into a good groove when it comes to working from home. Today, I will be sharing my top five tips on how to stay productive while working from home.

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Summer Reading List

Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada shares her summer reading list. This is always my favorite post every single year. I have been majorly lagging on reading in 2017, and am so excited I finally have some time to pick it back up! I just finished this one on the drive to Reno and I laughed the whole way up!

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