Our Family’s Gallery Wall

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One of the best parts about blogging is that I have an abundance of photos being taken of my family at all times. I love the fact that I will be able to look back on all of these posts and all of these photos and know exactly what was going on. The only downside is that we have SO many photos - oftentimes I don't know how to choose my favorites, how to print them, or what to do with them. Read More

Pregnancy Update, Week 23: Nesting

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Hellooo Everyone! As you may know from instastories - I have been nesting like crazy. Or maybe what I've been doing is the opposite of nesting - I'm not entirely sure. Read More

The Perfect Holiday Meal – with Farmer John LA

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The holidays can seem like a never ending circle of parties, eating out, hosting, and bopping around from one cocktail party to the next. Don't get me wrong, I love every single minute of it. But when it comes time to actually hosting Christmas Dinner, Joe and I are always running on fumes. The - night before - last minute - present assembly doesn't help anyone either .... but, hey, it is what it is. Read More

My Top 5 Tips for Working from Home

I briefly touched on my struggles with working from home in this post. Since then, I have had two full weeks to adapt to this working from home life. While two weeks may not seem like a long time, I have finally gotten into a good groove when it comes to working from home. Today, I will be sharing my top five tips on how to stay productive while working from home.

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