Reno Travel Guide

It should come as no surprise to any of you that we both - absolutely - love where we live. I (Emily) talk about it all the time on our stories. It's so funny. Whenever I travel for work, inevitably people end up asking where I am from. I always brace myself. Whenever I tell anyone that I am from Reno, their faces always do the talking. I can always see the disdain and confusion set in. Then, once they realize they're being offensive, they always ask, "Oh... cool... how far is that from Vegas?" Gag me. Read More

Ubud Travel Guide: First Stop in Bali

I am thrilled to be sharing my Ubud Travel Guide with you today. Our first stop after Singapore (see my guide on 48 Hours in Singapore here), was Ubud. We didn’t actually stay in Ubud proper, but about 25 minutes away. I found our villa through my personal favorite blogger, Happily Grey. I remember when I saw her stories last summer I knew Bali was high on the list for honeymoon destinations. And we for sure made the best decision. We had the trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to share more about each of our destinations. Read More

48 Hours in Singapore: A Travel Guide

First official honeymoon post! I am the worst with travel guides, and if I don't do them in the moment, I usually never get around to posting them. We kicked off our honeymoon with 48 hours in Singapore. The flight from San Francisco to Singapore is 17 long hours, and so the last thing I wanted to do was hop on another plane after that. I am so glad we decided to stop in Singapore because I fell in love with the city. Read More

Vacation Essentials Under $100

I am over the moon about how much you are loving the Hawaii content! And based on the clicks from my packing post-- it seems you are really into all the items under $100! So I thought it would be fun to highlight all my favorite Vacation Essentials Under $100!

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