Walmart Next Day Shipping

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As you know, Emily and I are both moving at the end of this month and that means pure madness. We are both organizing, purging and packing our entire lives at the same time! And while we are both so excited, we can’t pretend that we aren’t just a little bit stressed. Thank goodness for Walmart Next Day Shipping. We both ordered a ton of packing and organizing supplies, and also sent items we might need right away to the new houses: toilet paper, paper towels & cleaning supplies! We also asked you guys the best packing and moving tips so we are sharing those here as well.  

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How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

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In my opinion - less is always more. Especially when it comes to hair tools. I have always been of the opinion that the less I have to use, the better. When I want to do my hair fast and furiously... and when I need it to look 100 in less than 15 minutes this is what I use. My T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer - which IS ON MEGA SALE RIGHT NOW - and my T3 singlepass straightener. These tools are my favorites and always what I reach for. Read More

Wedding Playlist

Our wedding playlist was anything but traditional. On our first call with our DJ we said we wanted "Strip Club Vibes." We knew he was the one when he didn't judge us and just said -- "I can make that happen." Of course, we had our classy and sentimental songs and moments - but our dancing playlist was just SO us. It took us FOREVER to make and we had all of our friends over to help make sure it was THE BEST. My goal is to get all of the wedding content out before the baby comes and so I started with the best one -- keep reading for our full wedding playlist! Read More

Our Gender Reveal

We are so so so excited to finally do our gender reveal! Thank you so much to everyone who sent in their suggestions on how we should do this. To the ones who wanted us to tie in the 49ers, well, you know us too well! Either way, this baby was going to be a 49er fan but we thought what better day to announce than the first day of football season. GO NINERS!!!

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Maternity Staples

I shared a little bit on stories about how I am having a hard time dressing for pregnancy, because I already am the biggest size in most brands. So, maternity clothes were a necessity for me! I am still mixing and matching with a lot of my non-maternity items too, which is great, because I am not having to buy a TON of stuff. Today I am sharing my maternity staples so far. These are items that will hopefully always be in stock so you can come back to this post whenever you need to! I plan to update this post as I go with my seasonal finds as well, along with my favorite stores to buy maternity clothes!

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