Honeymoon Reading List

Our honeymoon was 18 days total with 40 hours of that being on airplanes. Let's just say I read A LOT, enough to make an entire Honeymoon Reading List. I tried really really hard to not do a ton of work on the trip minus shooting and storying. I pre-wrote all my posts and shot all of the campaigns I needed to do so I could truly just enjoy and relax. That meant I got to do what I love the most: read. I wanted to squeeze in one last book post before the big Summer Book post I am planning on doing - check out last year's here.

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The Perfect Pop Of Color – Thacker Handbags

|| The Perfect Coral Purse ||

*** Thank you to Zappos for partnering on this post ***

When it comes to handbags, I pretty much stay in one lane as far as colors are concerned - neutrals only. But since summer is upon us, I figured it was time to branch out of my comfort zone and add a couple of beautiful brights to my collection. The perfect way to ease myself into this new handbag foray was this gorgeous coral purse from Thacker. Read More

Ashley’s April 2019 Amazon Favorites

It's my favorite time of the month - April Amazon Favorites! There are so many good finds this month! Head on over to our stories because I am sharing some of the highlights!

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Emily’s Take On Botox, Fillers and More – Bella Grey Med Spa

Here at Two Peas - we have always been extremely candid about our experiences with botox and fillers. We like to keep it as honest as possible here, and we've never hidden the fact that we both get botox regularly and that I (Emily) get my lips done. Ashley wrote about her experience >>> here, but I have never put my botox story on the blog. It's about time! So... let's take it back to the beginning... Read More