Ten Things I’m Loving in January

I am a girl who loves lists. To do lists. "Listicles."  etc. So I thought I would share a list of ten things I'm loving in January! If you guys like this, I might make it a monthly thing!

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Wedding Planning Update and Q & A

While Joe and I were home for Christmas, we realized our wedding was just four months away. Holy Shit! We better get to finalizing stuff. It's coming up so quick! I know I haven't shared a ton of the planning process on here, but the truth is -- because we haven't done a lot yet. But we are in wedding mode and finally checking a ton of stuff off of our to-do list. You guys submitted a ton of amazing ideas over on our Instagram, and I am going to answer all those questions here today! Read More

Weekend Deals January 11th

Happy Friday babes, we finally made it to the weekend! I was browsing old photos trying to figure out what to post today and discovered this top is 40% off, and these shoes are 60% off! Which inspired me to scour the webs for some more deals. I think a lot of new items are coming in and so the deals are GOOD! The joggers I posted on the Daily 10 Wednesday are 25% off -- YES!

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Emily’s Home Makeover – A Work In Progress

It is a time of HUGE change for my little family. I'll elaborate more on this next week, so stay tuned for all of that, but I will say that we're making some BIG life changes. Like MASSIVE life changes. First of all - I'm cutting my hair. TODAY. This decision has been a year in the making, but I'm finally doing it, and I am SOOOO SCARED. Like beyond scared. :/ Which is actually ridiculous and really dumb because it is just hair. But as with all things, when you let something define you, it is scary to let it go. That being said... I may hate it and wind up putting my extensions back in... but I'm trying it. Only time will tell. :) And secondly we're totally switching up our home. <<< That is what this post is all about. Read More

Ashley’s January Vici Try On

We are so stoked that you guys love Vici as much as we do! If you missed Emily's try on post, you can see it here. Since I am headed to Hawaii, I ordered a few dresses. This try on is a good blend of dressy and casual! If any of these items are sold out, you can sign up to be notified when they're back in stock, or just search the name to see the item in other colors. These sell out fast -- so get to shoppin! Read More