Ashley’s Gift Guide for Him

If I' being completely honest, this is always the most difficult gift guide to put together. Mostly because every man in my life is SO difficult to shop for. I recruited Joe's help for this one because I wanted to show you guys products that he actually recommended instead of what I thought that men would like. And even though a few of them don't look perfect on my collage (it was hard to let go of control on this one), they are real and authentic! To shop, simply click any item in the collage, or scroll down to the product link. P.S. This blanket ended up not exactly fitting around us -- but I still love the pic. Read More

One Dressy, One Casual – Holiday Outfits With Evereve

As with most things - Ashley and I are totally and completely different when it comes to holiday dressing. I love to dress up, and she likes to be as cozy as possible. The best part about our friendship - is that even though we are so completely different - we love one another and always respect the choices the other one makes. Even when it comes to something as small as what we wear for the holidays! :) Read More

Luxury Gift Guide

This was a highly, highly requested gift guide!  These items are all classic pieces that will never go out of style. I have received many of them as gifts myself, already own them, or they're on my wish list. I know that luxury shopping can sometimes be overwhelming, but these are all tried and true pieces that I really, really love. Keep scrolling to the end for the chance to win a $1,000 gift card to Nordstrom! Read More

Packing for Seattle Try On Session

Thank you all SO much for all the amazing Seattle restaurant recommendations! You guys really pulled through! I've gotten a lot of new items in lately so I thought it would be really fun to do a packing for Seattle try on session. This actually helped me so much when I went to New York because it actually made me pack!

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