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July 22nd: 

Comparing Ugg slippers and Amazon dupes today!


July 21st:

The great Kyle Richards eye mask debate.


July 18th: 

You all went CRAZY for the tweed jacket I shared from the NSALE. Well – it sold out almost immediately, so I found some other amazing (mostly under $100) options for you! I bought the tan one – SOOO SOOO SOOO stunning! I also have a brief NSALE try on for all of you… Public Access starts tomorrow! Some of my favorites that are still in stock are listed here!

July 17th:

Remember that eyeshadow you all loved but it was discontinued? Well — it’s back! In nine different shades. Plus, I’m trying on my first NSale box.

July 16th: 

Today I am sharing a bunch of items I have had for quite some time and a couple that I just got in. The couple that I have had for quite some time – my sheets, William’s melatonin gummies, and the nude mules that you always ask about! The new items – my blue and white striped dress, my purse organizer, and the Two Peas Coin Necklace!

July 14th: 

We’re headed back up to the lake again…. but I wanted to answer some of your most wanted items from the Nsale! Enjoy!

July 13th: 

I’ll be doing two try ons today! One before we head up to the lake and one when we get back home! Everything is linked here and most of it is on sale!

July 9th:

I am headed to SF to shoot for the NSale with Ashley today! SO lots of fun content coming your way! This is what I am wearing for my day of travel!

July 8th: 

Some new shoes –  both just happen to be leopard print. And a really good deal on an Elemis bundle!

July 7th: 

I have some pretty amazing things in my Amazon cart today – so I figured I would share! From the beach umbrellas I have had my eyes on, to the reorder of beach towels I am doing, to some fun new shirts – it’s all here!

July 6th: 

I am washing my face tonight and going over some of my favorite products that happen to be on sale right now. I also am talking about the gem cleaning solution I love, my headbands, and my makeup routine!

July 4th: 

Happy July 4th everyone! Today we are cooking, hanging at home, spending family time – all the good things! Thank you all soooo much for the amazing drink recipes… I think I am going to make a BIG pitcher of sangria for later today!  Also – here are all the things you’ll see on our stories today. We just got SO many questions about my headband. It is just $9… a great dupe for the designer version. I wanted to be sure that before I splurged on the real on that I loved the style – and I definitely do. So I will be buying this one later today! Happy 4th!

July 2nd: 

June 27th: 

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS IS LIVE!!! Head to our post here to shop the whole collection!

June 25th:

Trying on a couple of dresses for you on stories today! Enjoy! This leopard one is SOOOO good!

June 18th:

I leave town AGAIN for my sister’s bachelorette party this weekend – tomorrow – so today I will be sharing my summer makeup routine, going over my Amazon favorites, and doing a short try on of some of the things I’m packing for a weekend in wine country! Enjoy!

June 15th: 

Today we headed home from Tahoe and decided to have a family day. While the kiddos were napping, Joe and I decided we’d surprise them when they woke up –  with a fun summer day in our backyard. We bought this amazing waterslide last summer and used it almost every day. It kept perfectly in our garage all winter and when we blew it up today – it was summer fun business as usual. I highly recommend it! Last but not least  – my favorite swimsuit of summer is under $30 today!

June 13th:

Hi !!! It is our last day in Austin! We both have late flights out – and we will be working from our hotel today!!! Here are the things we are wearing – stay tuned on our stories today!!!

June 11th: 


June 10th:

Today I am sharing my self tanning products, one of our most frequently asked questions. The Tula product I’ve been trying to get my hands on for months, and some good rompers on sale!

June 8th:

Today I’m going over my whole face and makeup routine. Then we’ll be having a family day — and then we’ll be cooking for Caroline’s birthday tomorrow! Stay tuned for all of it!

June 4th: 

Today we are headed to lunch and then to mini golf in town! We’ll be hitting the beach later today too… so all of our outfits and things we’re using today are linked here. From my purse, to the boys’ clothes, to the electric wasp racquet we’ve been using! 🙂 All summer must haves!

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June 3rd:

It’s been a crazy busy day for me so far! Woke up early to hit Trader Joe’s thank you all so much for your suggestions! Then I tested my new curling iron out before the shoot. It worked so well I am about to pre-record some try ons since my hair actually looks done!

June 2nd:

Joe and I are headed out for date night tonight since I was away from him all last week, so I figured since my hair would be clean, I should do a little try on session for you guys! I got so many new pieces in from Nordstrom, and some oldies from the same brand that I wanted to share with you- I have been trying to shop my closet more and be better about trying things on!

June 1st: 

We’re headed up to the lake today – and truth be told, I got THE latest start ever today. Packing up 5 people for an 11 day vacation is not as easy as I had anticipated. Plus – I completely cleaned out our pantry this morning. :/ Why? I have no idea! I just hate coming home from vacation to a dirty house and we have friends staying at the house to watch after it – so I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before we headed out!!! Here is the outfit you saw on stories today and the skirt set that so many of you were asking about!

May 30th: 

Ashley is in Reno today – so we’re shooting a bunch of campaigns early this morning, and tomorrow morning, and we’re also recording a podcast today as well! We always have SO much going on and it seems to be even more when we’re together! I filmed a little try on last night with some fun new summer dresses (see below) and I have also linked my favorite neutral summer sandals I’m wearing in the try on below! Also THE best blanket in the world – for over 50% off!

May 28th: 

I got SO many questions over the weekend about what car we have, what carseats we use, and how we manage to fit all three of our kids across in one row. Well… here you go! We have a Denali and a Suburban – and we have the three seats across our middle row in our Suburban! They all fit comfortably and we love this arrangement!

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May 27th:

Today, I am just relaxing at home. My only plans are to go for a walk, take a bath, read a book and binge some Bravo! Oh – and shop all the Memorial Day Sales! I am also sharing my very favorite wedding gift so far!