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This page is your go-to resource for our most frequently asked links. If you can’t find the one you need, shoot us a DM and we will add it to the page! And, as always – please utilize the search bar on the top right of our blog (on desktop) and always check the Like to Know It app!

What is the eye mask you both love?

Elemis Eye Mask:

We are SO thankful we found this eye mask. It is SO amazing, so hydrating, and my dry undereyes just DRINK it up. You can put it on over or under your makeup! LOVE that! we’ve also been loving these eye masks! They are SO hydrating! Ash and I have both been SUPER dry lately and she told me to add a couple drops of this to my face after the shower. I’ve been loving it!

Billie Razor

Ashley’s turmeric latte?


Makeup organizer you both love?


Emily’s ride or die room spray?


Amazon sheets?


Can you link those microfiber washcloths to remove your makeup?



Ashley’s Nespresso machine?



Can you link your Christmas tree?



Wide Calf Boot Recs


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree & Pot


Emily’s white blazer… where is it from? 

Emily’s blazer is an old 1.State blazer, but we found a bunch of amazing ones – and some that are SUPER on sale!


Where is Emily’s black blazer from? 

Found it!!! Emily wears the size 2.


Can you link your name necklace? – ours is the gold w/ crystal

use code PEASPRADA15 for 15% off


Can you post dupes for Emily’s gold necklace? 

Emily’s gold necklace is from the Cartier Agrafe collection and is pretty hard to find. We have linked a bunch of similar necklaces all for under $50.


Can you link Emily’s leather joggers? 


Do you have a dupe for Emily’s Tennis Bracelet?

Emily’s tennis bracelet was a gift from her husband after she had Caroline and it was made by their jeweler. You can get the look for less though!


What is the back massager you guys both have? 


What is the wand thing that Emily uses on her face? 


Can you relink the coin necklace?


What is the devotional you use?

The Mom Strong Bible Study Emily recommends is >>>> here.


What dry shampoo do you use?


What is your exact pregnancy pillow?


What is your smartwatch?


Best travel steamer?


What sunscreen do you use?


What is your favorite eye cream?


Where did you get the Prada stickers (five inch size)?


Where are Ashley’s gold palm leaf earrings from?


Where is Emily’s clover necklace from?  (linked the real & dupe)



Where are Ashley’s sunglasses from?


Where can I buy the high-frequency machine?



What color eyeliner does Emily use for her eye-popping trick? (burnt sienna)


What shade does Emily wear in the Nyx lipgloss? (fortune cookie & madeline)


Where are Ashley’s lamps from?



I can’t find the face razors on your blog, can you share again?


Can you link the $12 Apple watch band?


Link for the blow dry brush?


Favorite face oil?



Can you share the amazing no show socks?



Can you link the makeup brush cleaner?


What cleanser do you use with it?



What concealer do you guys use?


Can you please share the link for the packing cubes?


Can you link the gold glitter earrings?


Do you have your Dior bag linked?


What is the lash serum you use with your extensions?


Can you link the backwards top?



Favorite jean shorts?


Can you link the Amazon color block sweatshirt?


What is the pullover you both have?


Can you link your keyring bracelet?


Where do you buy Drip Drop?


What earrings were you wearing in your registry post?



Can you link Emily’s sheets?


What are those workout tank tops from Amazon?