Ubud Travel Guide: First Stop in Bali

I am thrilled to be sharing my Ubud Travel Guide with you today. Our first stop after Singapore (see my guide on 48 Hours in Singapore here), was Ubud. We didn’t actually stay in Ubud proper, but about 25 minutes away. I found our villa through my personal favorite blogger, Happily Grey. I remember when I saw her stories last summer I knew Bali was high on the list for honeymoon destinations. And we for sure made the best decision. We had the trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to share more about each of our destinations. Read More

Honeymoon Reading List

Our honeymoon was 18 days total with 40 hours of that being on airplanes. Let's just say I read A LOT, enough to make an entire Honeymoon Reading List. I tried really really hard to not do a ton of work on the trip minus shooting and storying. I pre-wrote all my posts and shot all of the campaigns I needed to do so I could truly just enjoy and relax. That meant I got to do what I love the most: read. I wanted to squeeze in one last book post before the big Summer Book post I am planning on doing - check out last year's here.

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